Top 5 Samsung Washing Machines Under 2020

Samsung washing machines are the one of the best washing machines in this world. Samusung  company work hard day by day for their washing mahines to make them more powerful. All samsung lwashing machines have unique features like Powerful Filtration, Soft on Clothes, Design and many more. These unique features you cannot find it anywhere. Performance of their washing machines are very powerful according to other washing machines. You can buy these washing machines at cheap price. So lets start to know about these washing machines which you can buy in 2020. Here are the list below.

1) Samsung 6.2 kg with Monsoon Feature Fully Automatic Top Load Grey

  • Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machines are ergonomically friendly and provide great wash quality
  • 700 rpm : Higher the spin speed, lower the drying time
  • 6.2 kg : Great for a family of 3


Powerful Washing Performance

A stainless steel pulsator ensures a powerful washing performance and helps to keep the inside hygienically clean. Its 6 blades create a wide and intense shower of water that removes dirt effectively and rinses thoroughly. And it’s very scratch resistant, which inhibits the growth of bacteria.

Powerful Filtration

The Magic Filter feature in this washing machine gathers the lint, fluff, and particles from the jeans, blankets and other clothes, and keeps your laundry clean while also protecting your drainage from getting clogged up.

Keeps Your Washing Machine Fresh

The top load of this washing machine remains fresh even without using harsh chemicals, thanks to its Eco Tub Clean technology. This technology also notifies you automatically when it needs cleaning.

Soft on Clothes

Your favorite stole, that delicate dress or that white shirt will come out cleaner and undamaged from this Samsung washing machine, thanks to its Diamond Drum. The Diamond Drum features a unique design with diamond-shaped ridges and small water exit holes which reduce damage.


The Samsung 6.2 kg washing machine strikes the perfect balance between great performance and beautiful looks. Its tempered glass window makes it easy for you to view the wash process while its ice blue LED display provides clear information apart from adding a touch of refined beauty.

2) Samsung 6 kg 5 star Inverter Fully Automatic Front Load with In-built Heater White

  • Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machines have Great Wash Quality with very less running cost
  • 1000 rpm : Higher the spin speed, lower the drying time
  • 5 Star Rating
  • 6 kg


Hygiene Steam

The steam cycle ensures that every piece of your laundry is cleaned with steam, which is released from the bottom of the drum. The steam helps remove stubborn stains and engrained dirt, along with removing bacteria and allergens.

Digital Inverter Motor

The digital inverter motor of this Samsung washing machine makes it energy-efficient, durable, and noiseless.

Diamond Drum

This washing machine comes with a diamond drum, which features tiny water holes to protect the fabric of your clothes. Additionally, the diamond shaped ridges, along with the soft curl design ensure that your clothes are cleaned gently.

Quick Wash

Need to clean your slightly soiled clothes in a jiffy? Just opt for the quick wash program, which optimally cleans your clothes within 15 minutes.

Eco Drum Clean

The eco drum clean technology of this front-load washing machine automatically informs you about when you need to clean the tub. On top of that, it also ensures that the cleaning of the tub is chemical-free, gentle, and efficient.

Smart Check

This washing machine comes equipped with the smart check automatic error-monitoring system, which recognizes operational problems and troubleshoots them with the help of your smartphone.

3) Samsung 7.2 kg Semi Automatic Top Load White

  • Semi Automatic Top Load
  • 740 rpm : Higher the spin speed, lower the drying time
  • 7.2 kg : Great for family of 4



This Samsung washer features twin tubs and a rust-proof plastic body which prevents rust and corrosion for better durability.


This semi-automatic washing machine has a capacity of 7.2 kgs which enables you to wash a heavy load of clothes at one go.

Wash Features

This Samsung washer features an efficient dual jet system that creates vertical and horizontal water currents in the tub. This ensures deep cleaning of clothes without them getting tangled and twisted.


Equipped some great features, this appliance is budget-friendly, convenient and easy to use.

EZ Wash Tray

A multi-utility EZ wash tray comes with this appliance. This tray will help you handle multiple laundry tasks like scrubbing, rinsing and for temporarily placing something on the appliance.


Now you don’t have to stand next to the washing machine waiting for the wash cycle to end. The integrated buzzer of the appliance promptly indicates the end of a wash cycle.

Air Turbo Drying System

Reduce the drying time of heavier clothes with the Air Turbo Drying System of this Samsung washer. The Air Turbo Drying System rotates the drum rapidly which results in maximum extraction of water from your clothes.


This Samsung washing machine consumes around 350 watts of power for efficient washing.

4) Samsung 6.5 kg ActivWash+ Fully Automatic Top Load Grey

  • Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machines are ergonomically friendly and provide great wash quality
  • 700 rpm : Higher the spin speed, lower the drying time
  • 6.5 kg


Built-in Sink for Stubborn Stains

This ActivWash+ Samsung washing machine features a sink to offer a place to hand-wash your delicate garments, and also, to pre-treat heavily soiled clothes. It has a water jet that starts and stops with a press of a button.

Gentle Garment Care

Your garments do not tangle up or get damaged, thanks to the Wobble technology that offers gentle care to your fabrics. The wobble pulsators generate a multi-directional, dynamic washing flow that prevents twists, tangles, and knots. Also, it gently and thoroughly cleanses clothes with enhanced washing power.

Powerful Filtration and Easy Cleaning

The powerful filter collects the lint, fluff, and other particles to ensure a clean laundry, and to prevent clogging of the drainage system. Also, this filter is easy to clean.

Eco Tub Clean

This feature keeps the top load washer fresh and hygienic. It also automatically notifies you when it needs to be cleaned.

Soft on Clothes

The soft curl design of the diamond drum is smooth and has diamond-shaped ridges for gentle care of your garments. It has small water exit holes to minimise the possibility of clothes getting trapped and damaged.

Elegant Blue Display

It has a streamlined, contemporary design with an ice blue LED display for an elegant appearance. This display offers clear information about your selected program and lets you control the machine with ease.

5) Samsung 8 kg Inverter with Ecobubble Fully Automatic Front Load with In-built Heater White

  • Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machines have Great Wash Quality with very less running cost
  • 1200 rpm : Higher the spin speed, lower the drying time
  • Number of wash programs – 12
  • 8 kg : Great for family of 4


Eco Bubble Technology

This technology equips this washing machine to wash large loads of laundry at low temperatures, thereby saving energy. The bubbles activate detergent so it quickly penetrates fabrics and easily removes dirt even in cool water of up to 15-degree Celsius.

Intensive Stain Removal

Dirty clothes are thoroughly soaked in bubbles. This process loosens tough stains so they can be washed off.

Durability Guaranteed

Its Digital Inverter Motor delivers an energy-efficient performance at minimal noise.

Aesthetically Pleasing

The washing machine’s transparent glass door is elegant and seamlessly blends in with the decor of modern homes. Its clear resin refracts light to create a spectrum of delightful colors.

Easy Trouble Shooting

The Smart Check automatic error-monitoring system detects and diagnoses problems. It offers easy troubleshooting solutions through the smartphone app.

Chemical-free Drum Sanitization

The Eco Drum Clean Technology keeps this washing machine fresh, without the use of any chemicals. It notifies you when it needs cleaning.

Save Time on Smaller Loads

Clean lightly soiled clothes quickly and efficiently with the Quick Wash program.

Gentle Fabric Care

The Diamond Drum’s unique soft curl design has smooth diamond-shaped ridges. Its small water exit holes protect fabrics from damage by preventing clothes from getting trapped.

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